Where did my tooth go?

Losing baby teeth is normal.

When you’re about 6 or 7 years old, your first tooth might be wobbly.


That’s okay!

A wobbly baby tooth usually tells us that an adult tooth is underneath it.

Adult teeth replace baby teeth. They are stronger and bigger and better for chewing.

We need to look after adult teeth because they are our ‘forever’ teeth.

When adult teeth come through, you might see something white on your gum.


As the new tooth comes through, make sure you brush it and take care of it.

Taking care of our teeth means we can eat properly and smile brighter.


At Riverstone Family Dental we pride ourselves on delivering gentle treatment for kids.

We have early and after-school appointments available.

Our modern equipment allows us to track developing teeth and kids can choose their own entertainment.

Call us now to make a booking: 8678 3538

Here’s one video we can play on the TV in our treatment room:

Peppa Pig loses a baby tooth (also called a “milk tooth”) while eating spaghetti


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