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Accreditation means you as a patient at Riverstone Family Dental can have peace of mind. Our practice has been assessed and awarded accreditation through QIP (Quality Innovation Performance) based on Australia’s National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standards. We strive to reduce risks, act ethically and audit our systems in order to provide safe, efficient and effective dental care to our patients.

All equipment is cleaned, disinfected and sterilised according to National Infection Control Standards. We also reduce our environmental footprint by choosing biodegradable barriers and partaking in TerraCycle’s recycling program.

About Our Founder


Dr Shireen Mustafa

Dr Shireen Mustafa is a female General Dentist.

After completing her Dentistry in the year 2005, Dr Shireen has been working in the industry tirelessly to advocate oral health in the local communities while updating herself with the latest developments in the industry as well as adapting to the equipment at the earliest to give her patients the best of care.

Dr  Shireen’s special interests are paediatrics, endodontics, surgical extractions including wisdom teeth and implants.

Dr. Shireen is community focussed and is a strong advocate for preventative dentistry – this means avoiding unnecessary fillings, extractions and orthodontic treatment later in life. By investing her time in further study, Dr Shireen is able to provide early interceptive orthodontics which involves diagnosing early habits and issues before they become big problems and preventing the need for braces and taking teeth out. She is also involved in educating kids on how to care for their oral health and has conducted monthly talks in child cares around the Riverstone area.

Dr Shireen is a friendly, caring and gentle dentist with a light touch. Her chairside manner is welcomed by many patients and she has spent years treating anxious patients under different forms of sedation including twilight sleep. She is happy to work with you to achieve the best dental treatment for YOU! She will treat you as she would treat her own family.

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We Care

Let us look after you and your family

Riverstone Family Dental runs on a people first culture. As such, your comfort takes top priority. Tell us what you would like your dental treatment to look like and we will endeavour to meet your needs.



Quality dental care is what drives our team. We take great pride in our work and nothing makes us happier than delivering exceptional dental treatment. We take a preventative approach to treatment and treat the underlying cause of the problem rather than the symptoms. Everything we do is underpinned by quality because we believe in oral health for life.


Riverstone Family Dental brings together a team of caring dental professionals. Care is seen on every level. From how you are greeted, how we sterilise equipment and how we check and monitor your oral health. Your comfort is our biggest concern and our team will endeavour to make your dental experience as pleasant as possible.


Doctors enter their profession because they want to help people. Our dentists are no different. We have a great team of dentists who are passionate about oral health and want to make a difference in people’s lives. By staying up to date with new skills and techniques, our dentists can provide the latest dental treatment for you.


Your oral health is assessed and shown to you in a way you can understand. Our team will explain your treatment and pricing options. With videos and visual aids, we can show you what is happening in your mouth. When you are able to see and understand your oral health status, then you can make an informed decision.


The latest technology and techniques will ensure we deliver comfortable treatments. As a fresh and new clinic, we have invested in the latest equipment. This will ensure you have an amazing dental experience. For example, our dental chairs have memory foam, our root canal equipment is silent and fast, and we offer the latest cosmetic treatments.


Ethical behaviour is demonstrated by every one of our team members. Our dentists adhere to a strict code of ethics and take their duty of care very seriously. We respect you and uphold your rights to privacy and confidentiality. Discrimination on any level is prohibited and our dentists commit to ongoing, lifelong learning.

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