A new way to think about gums

Here’s what I explain to my patients: your gums are the foundation in which your teeth sit. Just like a house, if you have a bad foundation – it will not hold up the windows, doors and walls… everything will come crashing down. Similarly, your teeth rely on strong underlying gum tissue. Without this strong support, they become loose and eventually can be lost. I’ve found that after having this chat with my patients, they leave my clinic with a new way to think about gums.

Keeping up to date

Dentistry has changed. We don’t drill and fill our days away. We have come very far in our knowledge of what causes disease in the mouth. We still have a long way to go, but currently we have enough knowledge to give us the ability to prevent alot of diseases. Aside from bacteria causing dental decay, we know about bacteria that cause gum disease. By getting rid of this bacteria through flossing and regular dental visits we can keep our gums nice and healthy. New cleaning instruments have made this process easier, faster and more comfortable than ever. Further to this, most insurance companies cover cleans twice a year as they understand the importance of this type of treatment in preventing big dental problems. You may want to find out what your insurance company covers in your policy.

So how do your gums stack up?

We all need to look after our teeth, however there are some groups that have a greater risk of gingivitis or gum infection. They include: those who are sick or immunocompromised, pregnant ladies, anyone wearing braces (see how to floss with braces video) or anyone with a family history of gum issues. Want to know how your gums stack up?

Let’s take a test!

Score 2 points for any YES answers and 0 points for any NO answers.

  1. Do your gums bleed when you brush?
  2. Do you have bad breath?
  3. Do you forget to floss regularly?
  4. Do your gums look red/swollen?
  5. Do your teeth feel loose?
  6. Do you avoid regular dental cleans?
  7. Have your parents/grandparents lost alot of their teeth due to gum problems?
  8. Do you smoke?
  9. Do you have uncontrolled Type II diabetes?

If you scored more than 6, it may be time to get that dental checkup!

Don’t wait until your mouth gets sore :/

Make sure if you’re planning to get pregnant or wear braces that you get your gums checked beforehand. Start becoming more aware of how your gums feel, remember we must look after our foundation in order to ensure our teeth stay with us for our lifetime. Your teeth are your best asset and nothing beats natural when it comes to chewing, breathing and smiling.

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