Teeth Whitening

Everyone loves a beautiful, white smile. When was the last time you smiled confidently in a photo? Stained, discoloured and yellow teeth can be tackled quickly and easily in a single appointment. A whiter and brighter smile will have you laughing confidently in no time.

  • Safe
  • Total time = 45 minutes
  • Effective
  • Long lasting results: 3 years on average

It is important to have a full check up and clean prior to in chair teeth whitening procedures. We will discuss your current dental health, potential causes of teeth staining, expected outcomes of treatment, sensitivity and relapse issues.




At Riverstone Family Dental we use the Philips ZOOM system to whiten teeth in 45 minutes. We have chosen this system as we have achieved repeated excellent results up to 8 shades lighter within a single appointment. It is also a safer system and utilises Relief ACP (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate) to give greater luster and protect the enamel. Therefore the results are better and sensitivity is less of a side effect.

The procedure begins with carefully protecting your gums with a unique covering. Teeth whitening gel consisting of hydrogen peroxide is placed on the teeth and a special LED light is applied. Hydrogen peroxide effectively breaks down the molecular bonds in staining agents on the teeth.

Teeth discolour due to diet, habits or ageing. If the Philips ZOOM procedure is not for you, try and maintain thorough cleans every 6 months to help prevent a great deal of extrinsic stains from building up. To further whiten and brighten the teeth, different concentrations of peroxides are available for use under the supervision of your dentist.

These are offered in the form of take home kits. Teeth whitening take home kits include custom-made upper and lower whitening trays and whitening gel. These trays are made by taking molds of your teeth and the trays are then worn in the mouth for 30min per day for approximately 1-2 weeks. Some people find they need to top these up every 3-6 months – it depends on whether you smoke, drink red wine, tea or coffee regularly.