Preventative Dentistry

Teeth Checkup

Preventative Care

The team at Riverstone Family Dental advocate preventative dental care and recommend check ups and cleans every 6 months. It is less painful, easier and cheaper to treat areas of concern before they become big problems. Many people don’t realise that early tooth decay can not only be prevented but also reversed. At Riverstone Family Dental we can show you how.

First Appointment

You will feel relaxed and comfortable with our staff and environment.  You will have peace of mind that you are in the safe hands of a QIP Nationally Accredited Dental Practice. Your first appointment begins with us discussing your needs and concerns. This is followed by a full checkup of your mouth including gums, teeth and soft tissue. We screen for oral cancer in all our patients. If x-rays are needed, we take them on spot with our digital x-ray machines. Doing so allows us to check in between your teeth and your whole mouth to create a treatment plan.

Oral Hygiene At Home

The dentists at Riverstone Family Dental will show you how to look after your oral health at home. This will include diet advice and oral hygiene recommendations. By doing this, you will decrease your chances of developing tooth decay and gum infections. Dr Zena explains how to brush your teeth in the video below.

How To Brush Your Teeth

How To Floss