Emergency Dentist – toothache, broken tooth, accident, gum pain can happen last minute. We will try our very best to fit you in on the same day. If you have a dental emergency call us NOW: 8678 3538.

What Is A Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is a sudden problem that arises in the mouth. Symptoms include: bleeding, swelling and pain. These situations are an emergency because if they progress they can quickly deteriorate, become life threatening or difficult to resolve. The sooner a diagnosis is made, the more likely teeth can be saved and healing can speed up.


At Riverstone Family Dental we treat many dental abscesses. In children, a dental abscess can be quite painful and usually is due to an infection in a baby tooth. Provide your child with standard pain medication, get them to favour chewing on the opposite side and present to us as soon as possible. Leaving a dental abscess can lead to fever, loss of appetite, dehydration, facial swelling and difficulty anaesthetising and treating the area.

What To Do If You Have Knocked Out A Tooth

Dental emergencies can arise from trauma. For example, having a front tooth knocked out at a Saturday soccer game or your 3 year old toddler falls head first whilst playing with their friends. In these situations, the gums may be bleeding, teeth are fractured and there will be pain and swelling.

If a tooth has been completely knocked out, hold it by the crown only. This is because the root has very important fibres sticking out of it. At Riverstone Family Dental, we know that if we preserve these fibres, we can place the tooth back in the socket with a better chance of healing. If the tooth is dirty, rinse it very gently under water and then insert it back into the gum socket. Try and put it in the right way around or present immediately to our office and we can do it for you. If you are on your way to our clinic with the tooth, we request you place the tooth in a cup with your saliva or with milk in it to prevent the tooth from dehydrating.


If you can’t sleep from a toothache then this is a dental emergency. Severe pain can occur when there is a nerve infection inside a tooth or when the gums are severely infected. Take your standard pain medications and keep the area clean. Please avoid directly placing products on the gum which may burn the gum tissue. A toothache is best treated sooner rather than later. If you feel sensitivity or the start of an ache or a throbbing pain, then call us on (02) 8678 3538 so we can resolve it as soon as possible for you.

Sensitive Teeth

Emergency Care

If your face is swollen and/or feels hot, you have a fever/struggling to swallow – this is a medical emergency – you need to present to the emergency department at Westmead Hospital. If you have broken/lost a tooth/denture/crown – try and bring it with you, even if it is a piece of a tooth.

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