Wearing a new denture is a new beginning for you. It is the start of a brand new smile, you can design it the way you like and choose the shade you prefer. The before and after photos certainly speak for themselves, with many people feeling like they look younger.

Dentures can be acrylic or metal based (Cobalt Chrome Dentures) – we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each and allow you to decide what is best for you. It is important you are fully aware of the pros and cons of your options so you can make the best decision for you.

In addition to this, if you need a tooth out, we can organise a fast immediate denture so you can still smile comfortably after your extraction. For example, if you need a front tooth out, we can organise for a denture to go in straight away after the extraction so you can still smile and go about your day to day activities.

Some things which can affect the comfort of your new dentures are: whether you have had a lot of bone resorption after losing your teeth, whether you suffer from xerostomia (dry mouth) and whether you have a gag reflex. All of these issues will be thoroughly discussed with you prior to beginning your journey towards making new dentures.

Problems with your existing dentures? If your dentures are loose, rubbing on your gums, stained or broken we can organise a same-day repair. Contact us on (02) 8678 3538 for more details.

What is a denture?

A denture is a removable appliance, this means it comes in and out of your mouth. It is a useful way to replace missing teeth as either a short term or long term option. At Riverstone Family Dental we can design these with you and work with our technician to create a comfortable and affordable new smile for you. Our dentures are delivered direct from our denture technician and are adjusted in our clinic to fit your mouth. We understand a new set of dentures can be pricey for pensioners and seniors so we offer a payment plan in these cases.

Partial dentures

A removable partial denture has acrylic (pink plastic) which mimics the gingiva (gum). It may have a metal framework which can help to reinforce the denture. We strategically place the metal in areas that require more reinforcement during chewing, for example, across the roof of your mouth (the hard palate), across the backs of the lower front teeth (incisors) or around teeth on either side of a gap. When this metal is made to hook around a tooth, it is known as a retainer or a clasp.

At Riverstone Family Dental we try our best to ensure these clasps are not placed on teeth which are visible when you smile. We also reinforce keeping these teeth clean as sometimes food can get caught near the clasps. The clasp is an important component of your denture, and as such we need to make sure the teeth it is placed upon as healthy, stable, strong and can withstand the loading required whilst chewing. This is why a thorough checkup is vital prior to beginning your journey of creating brand new dentures.

It is important that any restorations (fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers) or modifications of teeth are made before starting the denture process.

Flexible dentures

These are the newest dentures on the market. At Riverstone Family Dental we are pleased to offer our patients a more aesthetic and quicker solution to immediate dentures. These removable dentures are more flexible and are made of a clear pink thermoplastic material. They are thin and light and have no metal components. They are more of a short-term option because they are very flexible, so in time they may start to get loose and push on the gum.

Full Dentures

Full or complete dentures are entirely made of acrylic (pink plastic) and have acrylic teeth set up in them. They are used to replace missing teeth in the upper and lower jaws. They can be removable or fixed into the jaw bone with implants.

Creating a new, full set of teeth can be dramatic and life changing. It is crucial we take the required measurements to create a set of teeth you will be happy with. As such, it can take 4-5 visits to create a full denture. Once created, it can take a few visits to adjust spots which may be rubbing on the gum. Like a new pair of shoes, you will have to ‘wear them in’ and it can take weeks to months to get used to chewing with your new teeth.

Denture Reline

Relining or fixing an existing denture helps it to fit better around your teeth and gums. Over time, dentures may become loose or require repairing. A repair or reline can be done instead of creating a new denture if the adjustments required are minimal.


Dentures are the most affordable treatment option for replacing missing teeth. With a denture, you can replace more than one tooth at a time and if need be, teeth can be added on to them in the future.

Dentures will allow you to chew and smile comfortably. They are a good alternative to doing nothing if you want to prevent your teeth from drifting or you want to avoid gaps in your mouth when you smile.

At Riverstone Family Dental, we emphasise taking your dentures out at night to avoid fungal infections developing under the dentures. We also show you how to keep your dentures and mouth clean and ensure your gums are healthy at your 6 monthly checkups.