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Family & Children

You and your children will be looked after at Riverstone Family Dental.

First Appointment

You will feel relaxed and comfortable with our staff and environment.  You will have peace of mind that you are in the safe hands of a QIP Nationally Accredited Dental Practice. Your first appointment begins with us discussing your needs and concerns. This is followed by a full checkup of your mouth including gums, teeth and soft tissue. We screen for oral cancer in all our patients. If xrays are needed, we take them on spot with our digital xray machines. Doing so allows us to check in between your teeth and your whole mouth to create a treatment plan.

Preventative Care

We advocate preventative dental care and recommend checkups and cleans every 6 months. It is less painful, easier and cheaper to treat areas of concern before they become big problems. Many people don’t realise that early tooth decay can not only be prevented but also reversed. At Riverstone Family Dental we can show you how.

Children Appointments

The Australian Dental Association has shown that tooth decay affects 50% of Australian children by the age of 12. Tooth decay is preventable so a good idea is to start dental check-ups early. A child’s first visit should take place at 3-5yo. We check their baby teeth and get them used to the dental environment. We assess kids’ facial development and advise you if there’s anything that needs to be tackled early on. Examples include:

  1. Bad Habits – these include thumbsucking or dummy sucking, poor dietary habits which can cause cavities and toothache, pen biting, mouthbreathing, snoring and grinding teeth at night.
  2. Tooth and Jaw Development – we will check for crowding, missing or crooked teeth – detecting problems early means kids may only need minor treatment rather than having teeth pulled out or braces.
    Another issue is tongue ties – sometimes missed at an early age. We check to make sure there isn’t one because if the position of the tongue is restricted, kids cannot talk and eat properly and their jaws don’t develop properly around the tongue.
  3. Mouthguards The gold standard for protecting teeth during contact sports. We take molds of the teeth to create a custom-made mouthguard for you. See our Mouthguard page.
  4. Fissure Sealants These are plastic coatings on the biting surfaces of back teeth. The teeth are coated with a protective barrier so food doesn’t get stuck in the deep grooves and decay can then be prevented.