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How to get Meghan Markle’s smile

There is no doubt about it. Meghan Markle’s ultimate accessory is her smile. Her simple wedding style allowed us to focus our attention on her smile. Ladies and gents, dazzling pearly whites will never go out of fashion. You can spend thousands of dollars on a dress which will last one season or invest in a gorgeous smile to last a lifetime – take your pick!

Maybe you do not want a beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing smile. However, statistics show that people who smile more build healthier and happier relationships with their significant other and colleagues at work. Moreover, psychologists have shown that the pure act of smiling raises your self-esteem and releases endorphins.

Who doesn’t want to feel confident and good about themselves?

In this blog, I have outlined 4 key elements of an aesthetically-pleasing (aka BEAUTIFUL) smile. It just so happens that Meghan Markle ticks all 4 boxes. So sit back, relax and read this dentist’s guilty pleasure of smile analysis. P.S. if you need the cosmetic dental services of a dentist that speaks your language then give Riverstone Family Dental a call on 8678 3538.

Royally White

White teeth stand out and look dazzling. Not only do Meghan’s teeth complement her white dress but they brighten her face. Whiter teeth can be achieved safely and brilliantly by in-chair treatment at your dentist. At Riverstone Family Dental, we use the ZOOM whitening method to achieve great, immediate results. You can also opt for a take-home kit to gradually whiten your teeth over time. Remember to avoid foods and drinks that stain your teeth whilst undergoing whitening!

Majestically Straight

Straight teeth look whiter because there is less overlap between them. This means less food is prone to getting stuck and therefore less risk of decay. Straight teeth are easier to clean and therefore less staining will allow them to look more white.
Lastly, when teeth overlap, they are more prone to creating shadows. Straight teeth however allow light to reflect evenly off them, creating a much brighter look.
You can achieve straight front teeth by doing a short course of braces, Invisalign or by placing veneers on the front teeth. Invisalign is a great tool for those who like to eat what they want and take their aligner’s off for special occasions like royal high teas and other such gatherings.

Princess Lips

Lips are the frames of our mouth. Beautiful, full lips give a youthful appearance and can be accessorised with bright or neutral lipstick. Meghan has a high top lip line which in dentistry is known to make a smile appear youthful.
Lip fillers can be used to create more definition and shape, whereas botox treatment can draw the lip up or down if there are hyperactive muscles in the area. With such treatment remember less is more. We want to achieve a result that enhances natural features.

Your Highness Corridors

When someone smiles, a dentist looks at their ‘buccal corridors’. Buccal what?! These are the black areas on the left and right corners of your mouth. A more aesthetic smile is one where there are no black areas and the teeth are directly framed by the lips. This creates the appearance of a full, broad smile just like Meghan’s pictured here.


Well I hope you have enjoyed this Special Edition blog. Remember a confident smile is one of the most beautiful things about a person. Embrace your smile and use it to make someone’s day!