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What is the point of fissure sealants if they just fall out?

  Your time is limited. In between sports training, tutoring and drop-offs and pick-ups there is very little time for extra activities. This especially applies to health appointments. You simply do not have time for problems such as fissure sealants that fall out. I have created this blog in response to a lot of parents […]

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How do I know if my child is teething?

Your baby is drooling. Is this just a cuteness overload or is your little bub teething? Maybe they have other symptoms as well. But how do you really know if your child is teething? Read on to find out more. If you need a dentist great with tiny tots, be sure to book in a […]

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Kids toothbrushing videos – the lowdown

Happy Dental Health Week! Mums, dads, carers and teachers – you are in for a treat! I have come up with simple and specific features to look for when deciding whether a toothbrushing video will be right for your kiddies. I have organised this information into age groups: Age 3 Age 4 Age 5 Ages […]

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My tooth looks black

There are many reasons why your tooth looks black. Black-looking teeth may feel sore. If you eat ice-cream or chew hard foods, they may hurt. Ouch! That’s okay! Check and make sure the black tooth doesn’t have food stuck in it. Some foods, like lollies, can be really sticky. If there’s food there, brush and […]

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Falling asleep on the bottle

Q&A today is on Bottle Decay – an ENTIRELY preventable condition. New mums especially, this is one topic you need to know about. It affects about 15% of 2-3yo kids, however I have come across it in higher numbers. What is it?  While putting a child to bed with a bottle is okay for newborns, […]

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