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Want lit breath? Check out these 4 expert tips

Bad breath is not pretty. Picture yourself in downward dog taking a deep breath out. Or getting cuddly with your significant other. The last thing you need is a breath complex. Did you know? One of the top causes of bad breath is gum disease? More than 700 different types of bacteria live in the […]

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Piksters are a gamechanger

In a world where just about everyone hates flossing, piksters are a gamechanger. What are piksters Piksters have disrupted the world of interdental cleaning. Previously dominated by dental floss, dental tape and floss picks, these interdental brushes have simplified the way we clean between our teeth. Needless to say, I’m a fan of these miniature […]

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Should I get a gum lift?

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’ve looked into this procedure. A ‘gum lift’ may also be referred to as gum recontouring, crown lengthening or gingivectomy. Beauty bloggers and dental professionals may use different terms to describe this procedure but at the end of the day, our aim here is to see more teeth […]

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3 ways to cut dental costs

One of the major barriers to seeking dental treatment is cost. Here I explain three ways to cut your dental costs and achieve affordable dental treatment. Regular dental checkups At every checkup, I conduct a thorough check of your gums, soft tissue and teeth. I may do some tests such as measuring gum levels and […]

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A new way to think about gums

Here’s what I explain to my patients: your gums are the foundation in which your teeth sit. Just like a house, if you have a bad foundation – it will not hold up the windows, doors and walls… everything will come crashing down. Similarly, your teeth rely on strong underlying gum tissue. Without this strong […]

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