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Who we are?

Riverstone Family Dental is the first dental practice to be awarded accreditation in the Riverstone, Marsden Park, Schofields, The Ponds, Vineyard and Annangrove region.

Riverstone Family Dental has been assessed and awarded accreditation through QIP (Quality Innovation Performance) based on Australia’s National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standards. We have systemised our practice culture and patient safety in order to ensure our staff have a safe workplace and that we are offering the highest calibre dental care to our patients. It is important to us to be recognised as an accredited dental practice because we strive to reduce risks, act ethically and audit our systems in order to provide safe, efficient and effective dental care to our patients. In addition to this, by choosing an accredited dental practice, you have the peace of mind that you will be looked after in the best possible way.

Riverstone Family Dental is also a community-minded dental practice here to service you and your family’s oral health needs. As oral health professionals, we understand our role in educating people about their health does not end in a dental treatment room. We extend our passion for dentistry and improving people’s health into schools, sports clubs, nursing homes and various community festivals and events. We do this because we enjoy educating others and sharing our knowledge. Contact us today if you are interested in us visiting your organisation.

We help to support the Bear Cottage as one of our main fundraising efforts. We chose this charity because it helps look after terminally sick children. You can learn more about this organisation by clicking on the picture below.


What sets us apart?


QUALITY – professionals delivering excellent treatment and staying up to date in their skills and techniques. Everything we do is underpinned by quality because we believe in oral health for life. We take a preventative approach to treatment and treat the underlying cause of the problem rather than the symptoms.

CARE – we care about people and this is especially seen in the time we take with our patients.

PASSION – doctors enter their profession because they want to help people and our dentists are passionate about oral health and want to make a difference in people’s lives.

COMMUNICATION – your problems are  diagnosed and explained properly to you in a way you can understand. Therefore, you will come to see that improving your oral health results in the improvement of your overall well-being and general health.

MODERN – the hurdles which have prevented you from seeking oral healthcare will be overcome with caring doctors using the latest technology and techniques to ensure comfortable treatments. This is important because treatments become faster and more comfortable with emerging technologies.


Our Values & Community

  1. Caring for others
  2. Honesty
  3. Respect
  4. Excellence
  5. Professionalism

Riverstone Family Dental believes in being involved in our local community. This is because interacting with others and giving back creates a sense of family. And family is important to us! Some of our involvements include: The Tooth Stand at Riverstone Festival, Dental Health Week, St John’s Primary School Spring Fete, speaking at preschools and primary schools, donating to the Children’s Hospital Bear Cottage – see our events and updates on Facebook.

Our #1 priority is taking care of people and another key value we abide by is transparency. We believe that having a caring and honest dental team is something our community wants and this is why they are our top two company values.


Our Pledge

Provide excellent quality dental care in a caring, clean and relaxing environment.

Be accessible for our local areas of Riverstone, Schofields, The Ponds, Marsden Park, Rouse Hill, Vineyard, Nelson, Box Hill, Oakville, Quaker’s Hill and Kellyville Ridge. Riverstone Family Dental is a close 2 minute walk to Riverstone Train Station and is accessible by a bus that stops outside our clinic. There is easy parking in front of the shop or in the side streets. As well as this, the front is stroller and wheelchair accessible. Our team will do their best to schedule you an appointment at a time and day that suits you because we understand everyone leads busy lives and that emergencies do occur. In order to find a time that suits you, we ask that you try and give us plenty of notice.

Privacy Policy – as an accredited dental practice, we have a very strict Confidentiality Agreement. Staff members adhere to this agreement and also to our Privacy Policy which protects the information and data collected from our existing and potential patients.

Finally, the Riverstone Family Dental team stay active on social media, This is because engaging with others, providing you with regular updates and notices about events is important to us.


We’re here for you.

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