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Crowns and bridges – do you know the facts?

Have you been recommended a crown or bridge? If so, it is worth reading up about these two dental treatments. In this blog, I cover the basics and the facts. Crowns and bridges: what they are, what they are used for, the preparation involved, how to look after them and any possible complications. Like any […]

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What is the point of fissure sealants if they just fall out?

  Your time is limited. In between sports training, tutoring and drop-offs and pick-ups there is very little time for extra activities. This especially applies to health appointments. You simply do not have time for problems such as fissure sealants that fall out. I have created this blog in response to a lot of parents […]

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Want lit breath? Check out these 4 expert tips

Bad breath is not pretty. Picture yourself in downward dog taking a deep breath out. Or getting cuddly with your significant other. The last thing you need is a breath complex. Did you know? One of the top causes of bad breath is gum disease? More than 700 different types of bacteria live in the […]

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International women’s day is for women who slay

International Women’s Day – this is one day each year where we celebrate all things related to being a woman. At Riverstone Family Dental we have donated to WAGGGS (The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) and are holding our very own event: Why am I making such a deal out of this […]

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