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How to help your child if they are being bullied in school

Watching your child being bullied is horrific. As a parent, your child’s suffering is your own and you would do anything to put a stop to it. But how? Read this blog to discover more. This topic is important because some kids get bullied because of the appearance of their teeth. At Riverstone Family Dental, […]

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How do I know if my child is teething?

Your baby is drooling. Is this just a cuteness overload or is your little bub teething? Maybe they have other symptoms as well. But how do you really know if your child is teething? Read on to find out more. If you need a dentist great with tiny tots, be sure to book in a […]

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Why do we get earaches, headaches and toothaches on a plane?

When was your last plane ride? You may have needed to travel for business, a family holiday or for leisure. In this day and age, everything is faster and the last thing you need are toothaches. Flying to destinations is therefore becoming more and more favoured over other modes of transport. Whether for work or […]

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So you want veneers. Do you know all your options?

Options! We all love those. But with options comes decisions. And making decisions is anything but simple. So how about I simplify the veneers decision for you? I’ll give you some background information, pros and cons, and you can walk away from this blog and make an informed decision. Remember, if you would like me […]

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