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3 steps for putting flossing into action

By following these 3 steps, you will drastically reduce your risk of developing toothaches and infections. Step #1 – why Understand the importance of flossing – why is it important to floss? Flossing is a daily dental hygiene habit. I recommend you do it at night to make sure there is no food left behind […]

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The sugar dentists recommend

Now that’s something you don’t hear often. Dentists are usually hounding you about reducing your sugar intake. But this sugar is different. This sugar, known as xylitol is found in a lot of oral care products – but what is it? Research has shown that small amounts of xylitol are beneficial for your oral health […]

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How to ditch the dummy

They say that ditching the dummy is harder than childbirth. This comforting habit becomes a drawn-out problem and the sooner you ditch the dummy the easier it is. Sleep, speech and breathing experts all agree that dummy use must be limited to urgent times such as sleepless nights and major distress. Everyone is different, mums […]

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