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Picky Eaters

Is your little one a picky eater? Picky eaters graze throughout the day and consume unhealthy foods and drinks. I become concerned with young picky eaters for two reasons: Reason 1: continuously eating throughout the day means they are not giving their mouth a break and allowing saliva to neutralise acids. So they are more […]

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Am I brushing too hard?

You want to look after your teeth. You’re doing the right thing and brushing twice a day but sometimes you notice bleeding or your toothbrush gets worn quickly or your teeth become sensitive to the slightest cold drink …maybe you’re brushing too hard? This is an important topic and I get asked this a lot: […]

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Falling asleep on the bottle

Q&A today is on Bottle Decay – an ENTIRELY preventable condition. New mums especially, this is one topic you need to know about. It affects about 15% of 2-3yo kids, however I have come across it in higher numbers. What is it?  While putting a child to bed with a bottle is okay for newborns, […]

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Where did my tooth go?

Losing baby teeth is normal. When you’re about 6 or 7 years old, your first tooth might be wobbly.   That’s okay! A wobbly baby tooth usually tells us that an adult tooth is underneath it. Adult teeth replace baby teeth. They are stronger and bigger and better for chewing. We need to look after […]

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4 whitening tips you need to know

The reason why I care about teeth whitening is because no one should feel embarrassed or self-conscious when smiling. Also, changes in teeth colour can give us clues about changes in diet and overall health. These clues can include: yellowing of teeth due to poor diet choices and thinning of enamel due to undiagnosed acid […]

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